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Experienced Inspectors

From your crawlspace to your attic, our inspectors have first hand experience with residential construction.  We're available 7 days/week to ensure you have your inspection within the tight deadlines of the modern real estate negotiation.


When repairs are being done on your behalf make sure they are done correctly. Peace of mind is worth everything.

Annual Inspections

An annual inspection is just what it sounds like. We come in and perform a through checkup on your home.  This arms you with the knowledge to perform any maintenance before it becomes expensive.

Pre-Listing Inspections

A prelisting inspection is a great way to get your home into shape before you sell. Finding / Making required repairs in advance will cost less and make for a smooth transaction.  Don't let the negotiations be in the buyers informed!

11 Month Inspections

With most new homes you receive a 12 month warranty.  Schedule a follow up inspection at the 11 month point to ensure the appropriate repairs are made before your warranty is up.

Rental Inspections

Not only should you have an inspection on your home every 1-2 years but you should also inspect your rental property as well. We inspect your investment to catch problems before they get out of hand.

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